About us

Aba, Lela, Stout 4.2, I-Ipa, Gerweiss, Voodoo, Bonner, Whey beer, Cannabeer, Weissberry, Bart are our 5th Element on the market, the top quality that is produced and filled in Daruvar.
5th element

Brand 5thELEMENT was born in 2014 as a contribution to the Daruvar Pivovara beer scene, which began to be enriched with special biscuits made in small buns. With the emphasis on the art of creating special aromas, flavors and scents of beer, we have created a 5thELEMENT line of genuine Craft Beers.

The harmony we have always been trying to harm between the four basic elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire) are part of our production mission.

The drinks that are before you are the result of our will, knowledge, and desire; and we've always been working with nature.

Linking the elements to a harmonious whole is only possible if you give up unconditional business and enter the 5th element we call love.

And if we manage to convey that feeling, it will be our greatest victory.

Because our cooking with the soul is not intended for consumers but for people, so we want to be sure you know that you are our 5th element.