FIRE - purifies and creates a new life. It takes love and special attention. Specially-selected yeast fire is that all natural ingredients used in the production of wort turns into a special beer that we present in this line Craft beer.

Aroma: Light sweet malt aroma with notes of caramel and mild hops aroma of flowers and citrus.

Appearance: hazy beer golden yellow color with a stable white foam.

Taste: mild, malt flavors are complemented by a medium strong bitterness and intense hop aroma of citrus and flowers.

The fullness: medium body, slightly carbonated, refreshing.

Pairing with food: all types of pasta, all kinds of dessert, moldy cheese

Serving: 10 - 12 ° C

Glass: tulip

The first in a line of special beers is American Blonde Ale, made in the style of beer that is characterized by very high drinkability with an intense fruity aroma of special American hop varieties CENTENNIAL, CASCADE and CHINOOK. Due to use of the particular yeast species of the above range (ALE yeast) symbolized by the element of FIRE.

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