EARTH - from country born, grain barley enriched in the hands of brewers in malt which is an inexhaustible source of diversity and the basis for every good beer.

Aroma: rich flavor of malt with notes of dried fruit, caramel, coffee and chicory. High alcohol content is balanced by increased bitterness without a pronounced aroma of hops. Despite the increased alcohol content very smooth.

Appearance: Dark reddish-brown in color with a stable yellowish foam.

Taste: As flavor, is rich malt flavor balanced flavors of dried fruit esters and alcohols.

The fullness: Solid body with hidden influence of alcohol, slightly carbonated, refreshing.

Pairing with food: meat and grilled vegetables, fruit desserts, hard cheese

Serving: 10-12 ° C

Glass: tulip

This beer symbolizes the earth element. Stowed in the Baltic Porter style characterizing intensive malt taste with a strong roasted note malts and increased alcohol content. Due to the use of seven types of special malts perfectly presents the elements of earth that symbolizes the malt.


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