FIRE / EARTH - The combination of four kinds of malt among wheat dominated, in the best manner while representing the country special yeast strain as above boiling fire from wheat malt flavor sheets exciting true, German wheat beers.

Aroma: Malt, almost bread, with a distinctive aroma of bananas originating from yeast.

Appearance: Colors white coffee with steady white foam.

Taste: Recognizable krušnog flavors are complemented by mild bitterness of hops and intense taste of bananas.

The fullness: A full body of reduced alcoholic character, highly carbonated, refreshing.

Pairing with food: seafood, light desserts and flavored hard cheeses

Serving: 8 - 10 ° C

Glass: Yours
When FIRE touches the ground, seemingly destroys everything on it, or seed, free from heat, unstoppable is directed towards the sky. This we have two elements, typical of the summer heat, connected in a refreshing and aromatic summer wheat beer German style. The combination of four types of malt dominated by wheat, in the best manner represents the EARTH until a special strain of yeast upper boiling like FIRE from wheat malt before you put a distinctive aroma of real, a German wheat beer.

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