LOVE / AIR - Each recipe gets its true power just at the moment when added to the fifth element. From the country descended hops in the air is released aromas waft of love is captured in his brewery beer.

Aroma: Pronounced resin, citrus, hop aroma typical of American hop varieties COLUMBUS, CHINOOK, CASCADE and CENTENNIAL. In the background hop aroma appears sweet aroma of caramel and alcohol exquisitely balanced initial bitterness. Despite the increased alcohol content very smooth.

Appearance: hazy, orange copper color with a stable foam.

Flavor: As with aroma, rich taste is hmeljnog balanced sweetness of caramel and alcohol.

The fullness: A full body refined texture with a hidden influence of alcohol, slightly carbonated, refreshing.

Pairing with food: meat and fish grilled, fruity desserts, hard cheeses intense flavor

Serving: 10-12 ° C

Glass: tulip

This truly strong beer is stored in the style of Imperial India Pale Ale beer. It is characterized by intense hop aroma and bitterness that very well conceal the strength of alcohol. Because of the unique recipe to symbolize all experience masters brewery Breweries Daruvar in the real sense of the word LOVE turned into beer, and by the use of larger amounts of specific varieties of American hops for dry hopping this is beer unified another element - AIR so this beer is rounded concept 5th ELEMENT lines.

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