WATER - Without good water potability has no good beer. Pure spring water mountain stream which has already been used for centuries in the production, without special preparation, allows us to create beer of exceptional quality and potability.

Aroma: flavor of malt lager character with pleasant aroma and hop ester.

Taste: Recognizable sweet, caramel flavors are complemented by mild bitterness of hops.

The fullness: A full body of reduced alcoholic character, slightly carbonated, refreshing.

Pairing with food: meat and grilled vegetables, chocolate desserts, cheeses with noble mold

Serving: 8-10 ° C

Glass: flute

A unique blend of two beer style Alea and lager beer gives the best of both style and makes it as easy as the element that is symbolized - WATER. Ale beer adds a mild hoppy / ester flavor which has only beer fermented at a higher temperature while lager beer gives the basic body and the freshness of the beer this unique blend.

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