Beer black as the subsoil, which give their flavor barley rich in tannins French oak.

It is characterized by an intense aroma of coffee and dark chocolate that after drinking complement the bitterness of the hops aroma of chicory, molasses and pleasant astringency of tannins.

Aroma: pronounced aroma of coffee and dark chocolate resulting from the high content of malt and roasted prolonged aging on French oak wood chips. Malty, Spicy / Woody.

Appearance: Very dark color with chocolate brown foam.

Flavor: As with aroma, rich malt flavor is coffee, dark chocolate and roasted grain balanced sweetness of alcohol and pleasant astringency of tannins toasted wood chips.

The fullness: Solid, creamy body delicate texture with the heating influence of alcohol, lightly carbonated, intoxicating.

Pairing with food: burger, steak and grilled meat, desserts of dark chocolate, hard cheeses intense flavor

Serving: 10-12 ° C, a glass pint glass

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