For a good and fulfilling life is always in need of harmony.

Working WEISSBERRY her we love connect yeast and lactic acid bacteria to the harmony of alcohol and acids balancing this sour beer style Berliner Weisse. Additionally we noted peculiarity of this style by upgrading basic beer concentrated juice of raspberries that it turns into the ultimate refreshing beer cocktail worthy of our 5thELEMENT lines.

Aroma: Slightly sour with a pleasant aroma of raspberries, which comes to the fore after drinking large gulps.

Appearance: Affordable, raspberry red color with light pink foam.

Taste: Clean taste of lactic acid which complements a light acid and raspberry flavor. Very dry end, simply encourages more.

The fullness: a light, acidic body, pleasantly carbonated with no perceptible taste of alcohol. Pure, fruit acids.

Pairing with food: french fries, meat products, fat cheese mild flavors, cheesecake and fruit desserts

Serving: 7-10 ° C, a glass goblet & chalices

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